Vacuum & Suction Hoses

Dawson Infrastructure Solutions offers a wide array of vacuum hoses, suction hoses, and clamps. We have Kanaflex & Tigerflex, WatterEdge and Monster brand suction hoses and sell a variety of styles of hose clamps.

Suction Hose - Kanaflex & Tigerflex

The Kanaflex and Tigerflex brand hoses are heavy duty abrasion resistant suction hoses, where higher temperatures or abrasions are a factor (fly ash, crushed rock, sand, dry fertilizer, iron ore, grain, pea gravel or cement powder, etc.).

Operating temperature range is -40 to +140 degree F. The hose is constructed of an SBR rubber blended with static carbon black, rigid PVC helix, a smooth bore interior and a corrugated exterior. Sold in bulk and prices reflect the per foot price. Contact Dawson Infrastructure Solutions for more information.

Suction Hose - WatterEdge

The WatterEdge Suction Hose is a customer engineered and fabricated material handling hose made to handle all abrasive material. The hose has an extremely durable exterior sheathing that resists abrasions and cuts better than most industry-wide vacuum hoses. The interior of the hose utilizes a thick abrasion resistant pure gum rubber tube with a great deal of flexibility.

The WatterEdge Suction hose is built in multiple plies to minimize kinking over its spring wire reinforcement. The pre-cut lengths include cuffed ends to make installation of the hose adapter much easier. The WatterEdge hose is an industry leader for quality, durability and longer life. Contact Dawson Infrastructure Solutions for more information.

Suction Hose - "Monster"

The Black "Monster" Corrugated suction hose (formally a Green Monster hose product) is suitable for suction or discharge applications of wet or dry materials. The hose' temperature range rating is -30 to +185 degrees F. The hose' construction is a white natural rubber interior with a reinforced spiral of high tensile textile cords, 4 highly flexible steel helix wires and static wires. The outer cover is a highly abrasion and ozone resistant SBR/EPDM blend.

Sold in bulk and prices reflect the per foot price. Contact Dawson Infrastructure Solutions for more information.

Lay Flat Hose

The Lay Flat Hose has a PVC tube cover reinforced with three plies of polyester yarn (one longitudinally and two spiral wound). The hose is extruded simultaneously to obtain maximum bonding.

Resistant to oils, grease, many chemicals and acids, this hose is strong, lightweight, non-water absorbing and mildew-proof that rolls up flat for easy storage. Pre-made lengths of the Lay Flat hose come equipped with the same size Camlock female Type C end already attached. Contact Dawson Infrastructure Solutions for more information.

Hose Clamp - Over Center Style Quick Clamp

The Over Center Quick Clamp with its over-center design is fully adjustable to allow pipe flange size variations. This speeds clamping with an easy snap of the handle to open or close the clamp. A must for vacuum excavation equipment for higher productivity. Works to clamp vacuum tubes or vacuum hoses together at the flange fittings. Can be used on either steel or aluminum flanges. Available in 4”, 6”, and 8”.

Hose Clamp - Standard Spiral Type W

The Standard Spiral Type Hose Clamp is used to hold vacuum hoses in place on fittings. The spiral design insures a secure hold as it tightens around the whole hose.

This clamp can be purchased in either a clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW) rotation to best fit your particular needs. Be sure to select the correct direction for your application when ordering. Available in 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”.

Vacuum Tube Handle - Clamp

The Vacuum Tube Handle clamp fits around the vacuum tube for a way to grip the vacuum tube in various positions while hydro excavating. The easy clamp design allows fast attachment, removal or re-positioning along the vac tube. Be sure to select the proper size handle for the vacuum tubing you use in hydro excavation. Available in 4”, 6”, and 8”.

Hose Clamp - Heavy Duty 2-Bolt

The Heavy Duty 2-Bolt Hose Clamp (also referred to as "King Clamp", is designed for aggressive hold of vacuum hose onto hose adapters. Especially effective used on vacuum machines for heavy duty service application where a super strong hold of hose is needed. Typically used on machines where hose is being pulled, such as boom vacuum suction hoses, etc. The clamp also features inner "T" plates that prevent pinching in the clamp and allows for full circumference grip on the vacuum hose. Available in 4”, 6”, and 8”.

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