Mastic Patchers

SMP Stepp Mastic Patcher

Available In 250 gallon and 450 Gallon

The SMP Mastic Patchers are designed to heat and apply mastic patch materials for crack filling, bridge deck transitions and deteriorated asphalt and concrete roadways. They are to be equipped with diesel heating systems with automatic temperature controls, and hydraulically powered heated placing augers. Higher temp oil jackets coupled with the double knuckle auger placing system outworks and outperforms the competition. The high temp application is 250-450F°.

Each base unit includes: Diesel Engine w/ Enclosure, Diesel Burner w/ Enclosure and Auto Temp Controls, Discharge Auger with Hyd Gate, Agitator, Burner Interlock, Power Loading Chute, Electric Brakes, and a 2 Light LED System

Standard Benefits of the SMP Mastic Patchers:

  • 600 Degree Heat Transfer Oil Hottest and Fastest on the Market
  • Double Knuckle Auger Delivery System gives you 170″ of Straight line Travel No More Pushing Heavy Squeegee Boxes
  • Hydraulic discharge Gate
  • Kubota Powered
  • AR400 Hardened Mixer Paddles
  • Noise Dampening Engine Enclosure
  • Power Loading Door

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