Inspection Software

The ITpipes platform provides a comprehensive suite to get actionable intelligence from your inspections. Depending on your business processes, various products may meet your needs. Each product has a different focus, features, and functions.

ITpipes Platform

ITpipes Web creates actionable intelligence from your pipeline inspections. Web is browser based for simplified deployment and has powerful features for inspection data management, review, planning, scheduling, and more. Web is the ultimate tool for pipeline inspection management and reporting in the office, providing quick inspection review access in the field or as needed.

With ITpipes Web’s automated integration to GIS mapping, your reports instantly show up as color-coded assets. With unlimited drill-down filtering and querying on any data collected, ITpipes dynamically updates SmartTabs, as new inspections sync, to give you instant reports. And the same reports with drill-down color coding display on the map, updating real-time as new inspections sync!

With options for internal hosting or using ITpipes Cloud, ITpipes Web provides access to inspections anytime, anywhere, on any device.

All ITpipes products have the following features and benefits:

  • We realize your inspection data belongs to you and all data is stored in open architecture formats.
  • All our office products allow export to various formats and easy sharing of information.
  • An asset based application and database, yet ITpipes has tools that allow you to work off all available assets or inspection detailed information, specific to your business needs.
  • ITpipes is fully configurable to work with your specific compliance standard or a custom setup.
  • The entire ITpipes platform is backed by unparalleled support and in-house development staff.

ITpipes Mobile expedites pipeline inspection surveys and boosts inspection footage and performance. Working with various OEM pipeline inspection camera systems, ITpipes improves your data collection quality and speed, while streamlining your administration efforts. ITpipes Mobile is NASSCO certified, SPICAP certified and CH2MHill SCREAM compliant.

Our mobile solutions use software based overlay encoding with off-the-shelf hardware to communicate with your CCTV cameras and other hardware. Video recording inside ITpipes uses off-the-shelf hardware via internal or external devices and we communicate with several proprietary hardware MPEG encoding cards.

ITpipes Sync automatically merges new inspections from the field into the office for streamlined inspection access and reporting. With automated management of your pipe inspections, sync merges, copies, replicates, archives, and fully organizes your pipeline data. Sync is deployed for agencies with multiple departments, by contractors with multiple projects and clients, and clients looking to integrate inspections into other systems.


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