Manhole Inspection

Dawson Infrastructure Solutions offers a variety of downhole video inspection systems, to efficiently capture every inch during manhole inspection, ensuring you never miss anything during an observation. We can design complete truck, trailer, portable, or winch-mounted systems that are completely outfitted for immediate operation.

PANORAMO® SI 4K Mobile (Mobile System)

Capture more data than ever before with the PANORAMO® SI 4K Manhole Scanner.  Its unique ability to capture every inch during manhole inspection ensures you never miss an observation.  The PANORAMO® SI 4K is compatible with existing PANORAMO® systems and can be purchased as an add-on.  It also functions as a standalone manhole scanning unit with the KW SI Cable Reel.

This versatile cable reel is easily operated from the mobile rack with a laptop or installed in a vehicle.  Quick-acting fasteners allow the cable reel to be removed from the vehicle and quickly converted into a mobile system.  The mobile rack is designed for outdoor use equipped with large pneumatic tires and a water-resistant laptop.  Choose from standard, rechargeable, high-efficiency batteries or a lithium battery installed in your vehicle.  Discover the ultimate solution for manhole inspections with the PANORAMO® SI 4K manhole scanner and KW SI Cable Reel. Inspection range is 12" (300mm) - 120" (3050mm). 

ITPipes Manhole Inspection

Manhole Asset Inspections
Manhole and structure inspections inside ITpipes allow for location awareness, and condition assessment, as well as inflow/infiltration review. Tablets in addition to laptop solutions, are available for full mobility, with configurable manhole inspection forms. Complete inspections auto sync to ITpipes Web, Desktop or Cloud for review and QA/QC as well as delivery to engineers for decision making.

Panoramo® SI Reporting
ITpipes fully integrates with the IBAK Panoramo® SI downhole inspection system to provide unfolded, cloud point, video and imagery for inspections. Used in the field for capture/assessment and in the office for assessment and analysis, the impressive deliverables provide comprehensive review and analysis tools.


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