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Titan Leaf
The Titan Leaf Solutions complete line up of leaf collection equipment has been designed from the ground up, to the highest standards in the industry. The Titan Leaf Series features different models, all of which will make efficient and quick work of any leaf cleanup. Each model's distinct features provide a direct solution to different applications and are all self-contained machines.

Titan Leaf Pro

The Titan Leaf Pro consists of a heavy duty pull behind leaf vacuum with a manually controlled leaf collection arm. A 16” diameter manual heavy duty pickup hose with a fixed position discharge, with 48” industrial hose and discharge end. The arm is hydraulically raised and lowered with an electric power unit. Efficient and easy to use, this machine will make quick work of any cleanup job with a manually operated, hydraulic raise and lower collection boom.

Other features include:

  • Dual safety interlock system on intake nozzle and belt guard
  • Manual jack, fire extinguisher, wheel chocks
  • 5-belt drive system with 30” balanced fan
  • DOT compliant lighting, markings, and yellow flashers
  • 74 hp diesel-powered, liquid cooled engine
  • 12 volt battery with electrical system
  • 7,000 lb axle with electric trailer brakes
  • 50 gallon fuel tank
  • 14,000 lb 3” adjustable pintle eye with safety chains

Titan Leaf Pro Plus

Like the Titan Leaf Pro, the Titan Leaf Pro Plus has a manual pickup-rear collection hose that allows for easy movement from left to the right side of the unit. A manual crank jack, 16” diameter pickup hose and fixed position discharge with 48" industrial hose discharge end, are all features on the Leaf Pro Plus. The ride-on operator seat will make a noticeable difference to your efficiency. Not only does it clean up quicker, but it is also equipped with a 3-axis hydraulically controlled collection arm. Take the wearing task of collecting leaves off your operators and protecting them from injury and exhaustion.

Titan Leaf Pro RCH

The Titan Leaf Pro RCH is equipped with a manually operated, hydraulic raise, and lower rear collection hose. The hose comes out of the rear of the machine, allowing for collecting on either the left or right side, meaning it’s perfect for narrow roads and tight spaces. A manual jack, rigid discharge snout with 4’ house, wheel chocks, and a fire extinguisher are just some of the features on this unit. Double acting electric over hydraulic power control arm raise and lowers. With a 74 HP Tier 4 liquid-cooled diesel engine, 27” direct drive balanced fan, and a 50 gallon duel tank makes this machine stand out.

Spartan Leaf Pro

The Spartan Leaf Pro self-contained vacuum collector with manual controls is designed to be pulled behind a towing vehicle. The benefits of the Spartan Leaf Prop include being able to store more debris and stay out on the road longer, also with quick and easy emptying. A 15 yard leaf containment box with hoist (thats 11,000 lbs), heavy duty direct drive fan, 30 gallon fuel tank, and removable radiator screen are standard features of the Spartan Leaf Pro.

Spartan Leaf Pro Plus

The Spartan Leaf Pro Plus includes features such as a 15 yard leaf containment box with hoist, 74 HP Tier 4 liquid-cooled diesel engine, proportional controls for an accurate, smooth operation of the collection arm with electric joystick, and more! The ride-on-operator seat of the Spartan Leaf Pro Plus will seriously change the way you pick up leaves. Make back-breaking work look easy and keep your team injury free, reducing fatigue, and increasing efficiency.

Olympian Leaf Pro Plus

The gated operator platform with swivel seats and CANbus joystick controls, of the Olympian Leaf Pro Plus, will seriously change the way you pick up leaves. The heavy duty belt drive fan, 180° swing extended ready collection boom, and the 16” diameter, 12 foot-long pickup hose are all standard features of this machine. Make back-breaking work easy and keep your team safe and injury free, reducing fatigue, and increasing efficiency.

Olympian Chassis Mount Leaf Pro Plus

If you are running a leaf program year-round then the Olympian Chassis Mount Leaf Pro Plus is a great option. This dedicated vehicle will be ready to go when you are, and is guaranteed to make your leaf collection quick and easy. The Olympian Chassis Mount Leaf Pro Plus unit is mounted on a Peterbilt 220 chassis, equipped with factory installed right hand drive. The total vehicle length is 24 feet, providing an excellent turning radius to navigate narrow streets and cel-de-sacs. The cab-over design of the Peterbilt 220 offers premium visibility, along with the ability to carry out fluid level inspection without having to tip the cab. Other features include in cab controls to operate a 180° swing arm boom, hydraulic tailgate latch, and dumping controls. A hose reach of 11 feet and a ditch reach of 50 inches means the Olympian Chassis Mount Pro Plus can pick up from the deepest of ditches and culverts.

Spartan Hook Lift Pro Plus

The Spartan Hook Lift Pro Plus offers municipalities the ultimate versatility with a leaf vacuum that can be rolled on and off at their own convenience. This unit is perfect for teams that wear many hats throughout the season. Standard features of the Spart Hook Lift Pro Plus include a safety interlock system on the intake nozzle, post compensated proportional electric hydraulic valve controls, a 20 yard collection body with full tailgate, and more!

Titan Leaf Box

The Titan Leaf Box has a slip-in design for easy installation in a dump body or on a flat bed. The 12-gauge carbon steel sides and ends, along with the 1 ⁄ 2 '' expanded metal roof, and short floor for overhanging the floor of the host vehicle are all standard features of the Titan Leaf Box. The slip in design adapts to most any leaf collection unit and many options are available to customize the Titan Leaf Box to fit your exact needs. The manual door latch is operated from the drivers side keeping the operator out of harm's way from oncoming traffic.

Knock Down Leaf Box

The Titan Knock Down Leaf Box has a modular, lightweight design, and is easy to assemble. Shipped LTL to your front door in kit form, you wont have to pay expensive flatbed charges. The slip-in design installs in a dump body or flat bed, and adapts to most leaf collection units. Built with what you need and nothing more, the leaf box is constructed of 16 ga. Pre-galvanized panels, with a heavy gauge reinforced under structure and rear door frame which has a manual latch and is operated from the drivers side. Keeping the operator out of harm's way of oncoming traffic.

Titan Chipper Cap

Are you looking for a more convenient way to haul your mulch, brush, and chips in style? The Titan Chipper Cap is custom built for an exact fit to your existing dump body. Remove the side boards, drop in place, bolt on, and go. This unit is designed to stray debris and chips and look good too. The Titan Chipper Cap is fabricated from 10-gauge carbon steel.

Titan Leaf Cap

The Titan Leaf Cap combines not only versatility but all of the unique features of the Titan Leaf Box and the Titan Chipper Cap, into a single unit. Custom fit to your existing dump body, and use the Titan Leaf Cap as a leaf collection body, or remove the door and install the dump body tailgate to use as the chipper collector. The Titan Leaf Cap is constructed of 10-gauge carbon steel, with ½” expanded metal roof vents for leaf collection. The unit is custom fit for each application, utilizing the dump body’s side board pockets for positioning and mounting.

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