Utility Mount Series

PowerFlex™ AE

Vanair’s PowerFlex™ AE provides you with the power to get the job done, anywhere you need it, while still complying with today’s anti-idling regulations. Featuring a 40 CFM rotary screw air compressor for air-on-demand that can power up to 1” impact wrench and a 7kW generator for all our electric needs, the PowerFlex™ AE provides you with the tools to get the job done, with your truck engines turned off.

Tier 4 Final Compliant Utility Mount Air Compressors

Tier 4 Final-Compliant Utility Mount Air Compressors

Vanair® is pleased to offer our customers an industry-leading line of Tier 4 Final-compliant engine driven, utility mount, rotary screw air compressors in sizes of 185 CFM, 210 CFM, and 260 CFM. These stand-alone machines, which are typically cross-mounted along the bulkhead of the body of the vehicle, are equipped with a waterproof eye level, curbside digital control panel for easy accessibility. The corrosion resistant canopy has fork pockets and a balanced single point lifting bail for easy installation and removal.

PowerFlex AE

PowerFlex™ AE GAS

Mobile power when and where you need it. The versatile PowerFlex™ AE Gas offers the reliability and continuous air demand of a rotary screw compressor with the proven AC power of an integrated brushless generator for superior job site performance on or off the truck. The PowerFlex™ AE Gas is the ideal for general construction, monument engraving, service vehicles and roadside repairs.

PowerFlex AE GAS

PowerFlex™ AEH

The PowerFlex™ AEH is equipped with a 40 CFM at 150 PSI rotary screw air compressor, a 6,800 watt AC generator, and powerful hydraulic pump, providing 13 GPM and up to 3000 PSI. Save fuel costs, increase your productivity and meet EPA challenges with the PowerFlex ™ AEH.

PowerFlex AEH


XCITE® PTO Shaft Driven Generator

Save weight, space, and money with Vanair’s Underdeck Generator – an underdeck unit that offers the power of a 6,000 to 25,000-watt AC generator. This innovative unit – developed by Vanair® over two decades ago – maximizes the power of your engine by enabling you to access AC power via your truck’s PTO drive. Ideal for: plastic pipe fusion, night lighting, pumps, heaters, power outages, and pipe line relining equipment in the most remote locations. No need to tow a separate generator.

XCITE Generators

XCITE® Hydraulic Driven Generator

Need AC power but don’t have the room for a PTO shaft driven generator? Vanair’s hydraulic driven generators provide you with up to 15kW of AC power with the flexibility to mount it anywhere on the chassis. Ideally suited for trucks with hydraulics already installed on them, Vanair’s hydraulic generators are well suited for applications such as plastic pipe fusion, night lighting, pipeline relining equipment.

XCITE Hydraulic Driven Generator

ETL Electric Tool Lift

Designed to eliminate the backbreaking labor of loading and unloading your crew’s tools, Vanair’s ETL-350 and ETL-500 electric tool lift handles up to three pneumatic tools with no problem. With our electric tool lift, your tools are securely transported to the jobsite, where they are safely lifted from the truck to ground level. Both the ETL-350 and ETL-500 eliminate the hassle of a hydraulic system by being powered by the vehicle’s battery. Because our actuator has a compact design it is easily incorporated into the frame of the lift, providing more room in the bed of your vehicle.

ETL Electric Tool Lift

Drill Compressor Modules

DR 310 Drill Module

The compact DR 310 provides an impressive 310 CFM and 200 PSI of air power. Ideally suited for shallow wells where low pressure, low flow is required, the module can be hydraulically or engine driven. Designed for easy maintenance when mounted on the vehicle the DR310 is readily available and steadfastly supported by Vanair’s expansive service team to keep you up and running!

DR 310 Drill Module

DR 435 Drill Module

Featuring a made in the USA, field-proven Sullair® rotary screw air end, small foot print and a remote separator tank for flexible mounting and easy maintenance, the DR 435 delivers 435 CFM and 200 PSI of air power, as well as the performance and durability that you need on the job site.

DR 435 Drill Module

DR 500 and DR 500HF Drill Modules

The DR 500 delivers 500 CFM and 200 PSI of air power, as well as the performance and durability that you demand to get the job done. Available with either an integral shaft drive or hydraulic drive cooling system to fit your needs, the DR 500 features a Sullair® rotary screw air end and comes with a remote separator tank for flexible mounting and easy maintenance.

DR 500 and DR 500HF Drill Modules

DR 600XP Drill Module

The DR 600XP provides you with the extra boost in pressure you need for the most demanding jobs, such as directional, down-the-hole, percussive hammer and rock drilling. In fact, the DR 600XP provides enough air and pressure at 600 CFM and 250 PSI to run a 4-inch hammer drill. Vanair provides world-class customer service, innovative engineering and the industry’s best delivery lead times, making the DR 600XP the right choice for your high pressure drilling requirements.

DR 600XP Drill Module

DR 770 Drill Module

The DR 770 single-stage compressor system delivers 770 CFM @ 150 PSI to get the toughest jobs completed. Designed for easy maintenance when mounted on the vehicle, the DR 770 is readily available and steadfastly supported by Vanair®’s expansive service team to keep you up and running!

DR 770 Drill Module

DR 900 Drill Module

The DR 900 delivers the power, performance, and durability that you need on the job site! This drill module features: 900 CFM and 150 PSI of air power which are ideal for applications including: water/ well, geothermal, oil, gas, blasthole drilling, and controlled pressure drilling.

DR 900 Drill Module

Two-Stage Drill Modules

Vanair®’s powerful, and versatile drill module line provides big air of up to 1350 CFM and 350 PSI. Robustly engineered and field tested, a Vanair® system will meet your challenge day after day.

Two Stage Drill Modules

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