Compressed Natural Gas Sweepers


Compressed natural gas street sweepers incorporate the same modern, comfortable, and well appointed operator's cab. The toughest and most rugged mechanical sweeping system ever built, the M4 CNG is designed to take on the worst of the worst sweeping conditions. In addition, it will also outperform in daily sweeping conditions such as light sweeping and lead pick up. The standard heavy duty swapping package allows the M4 AND M4HSD CNG to sweep sand and gravel, up to 3-tons per minute. The sweeping speed of 5 - 12 mph allows for efficient operation, while the compact design and exceptional maneuverability (18.5’ turning radius), is perfect for any cul-de-sac. These features as well as superb visibility makes this a perfect choice for any municipality or governmental agency that is looking for a street sweeper that reduces travel time.

All of our sweepers are available with available fuel technologies such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The purpose built street sweepers such as the M3 and M4 have been available in CNG for over ten years serving communities all over the nation.

All products with CNG Configuration meet current environmental air quality standards. Global Sweepers utilize three (19) gallon composite CNG tanks with diesel equivalent capacity up to 67 gallons. Composite CNG Tanks are safe and reliable, and also offer the following:

  • Weight up to 70% less than steel tanks
  • Meet the requirements of ANSI/CSA NGV2, DOT FMVSS 304
  • 20-year service life
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Tubing, Face Seal O-Ring & Devices

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